Program Details
This program offers cashback for every purchase you make in a specific brand. The amount of cashback depends on the amount of purchases made in this brand. In addition to that, more cashback can be earned for item-specific purchases.
How to participate
Shop at [Brand Name]: Make a purchase at any [Store Name] location.
Snap Your Receipts: Add the receipts to our app.
Earn Rewards: cashback for every purchase and additional rewards
Program Details

  • Instant Cashback: Earn cashback based on the total amount you spend at [Brand Name]. Track your progress and see your earned cashback in AED on the program’s page.
  • Additional Rewards: Purchase selected items from our special offers list to earn extra rewards.
  • Track Receipts: Use the ‘All Receipts’ section to view the number of receipts uploaded, their statuses, and details.
  • Total Cashback: The ‘Earned AED’ section shows the total cashback earned from both receipts and item-specific offers.

When you reach the final level on the progress scale, and maximum cashback is earned, the scale will stop updating. However, you can still earn cashback for selected item purchases even after reaching the maximum.

*Make sure your receipt is no older than 3 days, and that your purchase was made on the program dates. If your receipt has the ‘pending’ status, it may take up to 3 days to be processed.

Join now and make the most out of your shopping experience with [Brand Name]!